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Wooden Baby Teeth Box: Preserve Precious Memories and Growth Milestones

Wooden Baby Teeth Box: Preserve Precious Memories and Growth Milestones

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 Baby Teeth Box, expertly crafted from 100% wood and designed to be corrosion-resistant, ensuring the safekeeping of your baby's cherished teeth for years to come. This thoughtful keepsake not only protects those tiny treasures but also offers a unique opportunity to preserve other significant mementos of your child's early years.

Complete Childhood Memory: In addition to safeguarding baby teeth, our baby teeth box provides space to store the umbilical cord and lanugo, creating a comprehensive childhood memory capsule that will become a priceless family heirloom.

Practical and Precise: Our baby tooth box features a practical design, with designated slots for each tooth clearly marked, allowing you to easily record the date when each tooth was lost. This attention to detail makes it a breeze to reminisce about those precious moments.

Personalized Record-Keeping: The baby teeth box boasts an engraved information sheet where you can document your child's personal details, such as their name, birth weight, and even blood type. This not only preserves baby teeth but also serves as a delightful record of your child's growth and development, making it a truly creative and meaningful gift.

Built to Last: Crafted from solid wood and equipped with a secure metal lock, this baby tooth box ensures teeth are preserved immaculately, while the lanugo remains safely stored. For hygiene purposes, please sterilize deciduous teeth by boiling them for five minutes and make sure they are dry before placing them in the box.

Celebrate your child's journey from infancy to early childhood with this premium wooden baby teeth box, where precious memories and milestones are safeguarded in style. Make it a cherished part of your family's legacy today.

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